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You've heard about it.  You've seen it.  Time Magazine called it the 2021 cannabinoid of the year and a University of Buffalo study categorized it as "delta-9's nicer younger sibling". 

Now here's your chance to read about one of the hottest, most popular cannabinoids on the market today- Delta 8 THC, its chemical composition, current legal status, and more. Read article

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Health care is due for a face lift. Insurance is too expensive and office visits are inconvenient for both young and old alike. Why are copays and deductibles so high? How difficult is it to get an appointment for a working parent? Wouldn't most seniors prefer home health over an office visit?




     Nov. 29,  2022 Youtube Demonetization: what to do when penalized in 2022     



We search the web for the latest in health care with a focus on telehealth for business and home. Also, reviews of various telehealth platforms currently available on the market.

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