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wholesale covid rapid test 



No swab, no blood - just smell. And the best part? The cost is covered!

The tests can be executed quickly at home or, at scale for: employers, providers, airports, hospitals, stadiums and schools. It answers the question, am I infectious?



The world needs an easy, non-invasive, cost-effective screening test – we have it.

The testing process: Scan. Scratch. Smell. Select. Pass. Results in just 60 seconds.

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Anosmia (partial or complete loss of the sense of smell) is the most suitable indicator for early COVID-19 detection and occurs in 80% to 90% of cases. It often develops early (first two days) after exposure to infections at the onset of the contagious phase. This is the most important time to detect the infection to break infection chains.

The objective of pooling is to get swift, widespread results that can help stop or mitigate outbreaks. The results as compared to a PCR nose swab are:


  • High Sensitivity Rate (96.4% pooled) Sensitivity is the percentage of actual positive cases that are correctly identified as positive.
  • High Specificity Rate (91.1% pooled) Specificity is the percentage of people who will correctly test negative out of all people who are negative.
  • Capable of Detection across all Variants
  • Early Detection: First Two to Five Days of Infection
  • Filters for “infection-suspects”


Note: Accuracy of PCR test during the first week of symptoms versus the second

"Rapid tests more accurately provided a positive COVID-19 result when administered during the first week of symptoms. The researchers found that rapid tests correctly identified COVID-19 in an average of 78.3 percent of cases during the first week."

"In the second week, the average dropped to 51 percent."

To date, the only test to detect the presence of the virus is the reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), usually with a nasopharyngeal swab. It's sensitivity varies with the specimen types, and is more specific if anosmia is present.

The main problems with RT-PCR are its expensive price and necessity of a specific/protected structure in which to conduct the swab test.

Another problem is it's efficiency in mass testing, with few positive results. In other words, more false positives than desired.

An urgent need exists to find a simpler and cheaper solution to diminish the number of RT-PCR negative tests.

Based on Clinical/Scientific Evidence, Stanford Univ.FDA Registered Medical Device, OSHA Approved


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*The COROWELL Rapid & Objective, COVID-19 Symptom Screening Test is eligible for reimbursement for insurance(s) with the following codes: CPT 99202 (new patients), CPT 99212 (established patients). Eligible for purchase with the CARES Act and for reimbursement under Medicare.