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What we like about the new Quick Mix, Delta-8: 

It performs as advertised meaning, it fully dissolves in just 30 seconds and is virtually odorless, as well as, tasteless when mixed with just about any liquid. What's even better, we can control the dosage with the handy 20mg scoop that's included with every purchase. We recommend starting small and working your way up to higher doses because we always "mediate while we elevate." 

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You've heard about it.  You've seen it.  

Time Magazine called it the 2021 cannabinoid of the year and a University of Buffalo study categorized it as "delta-9's nicer younger sibling". 

Now here's your chance to read about one of the hottest, most popular cannabinoids on the market today- Delta 8 THC, its chemical composition, current legal status, and more. Read article


24 Benefits of CBD Oil: 2023 Research

With all of the conflicting information and skepticism surrounding the topic of CBD, it’s understandable to want to see scientific evidence before using it.

In fact, the Food and Drug Administration[3] (FDA) has acknowledged the need to fill current evidence gaps associated with CBD use. In January of 2021, they released a statement promising to build a more robust scientific evidence base to evaluate CBD use’s benefits and side effects Read more