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At Telethink we simply “activate” the home as a key site in the care continuum through our provider network, which is made up of primary care physicians, mental health professionals, care navigation/coordination, and ask a specialist  .

Both physicians and therapists are available anytime, anywhere in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Our providers are multilingual. 



We are a direct healthcare network, seeking strategic partnerships with home-based care companies to create a more comprehensive and cost-effective enterprise. We provide the necessary services, you reap the benefits.

Telethink Health is uniquely well-positioned to accommodate home-based care providers of any size or population. Monthly (wholesale) subscription rates are based on census. For more information, please contact: Rob Gillespie at telethink@protonmail.com


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Telehealth and remote patient monitoring, billing and payment. CMS

RPM as an Operating Expense: https://mtelehealth.com/medicare-expands-payment-for-telehealth-and-remote-patient-monitoring services/

Increased Payment for Medicare Advantage Providers: https://www.modernhealthcare.com/payment/medicare-advantage-plans-could-see-nearly-8-increase-revenue

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April 21, 2022: ACHC Launches New Telehealth Certification 

Telehealth services have expanded dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic and are expected to remain an important part of the health care continuum. To help health care organizations validate quality in their delivery of telehealth services, the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC) now offers a Telehealth Certification that focuses on improving patient outcomes for organizations using remote patient monitoring (RPM), biometrics, and video and audio technologies for encounters or education.

The Telehealth Certification does not require accreditation and is available for any health care provider or organization that delivers health-related services via electronic information and telecommunication technologies.

Certification is a focused review and evaluation of a defined program within a health care organization as measured against recognized standards for specialty care. For those organizations already ACHC accredited in another program, ACHC recommends applying for a Distinction in Telehealth, a similar program that takes into account the existing understanding of the organization’s structure, policies and procedures.

Certification, like accreditation, requires independent, third-party review through a survey focused on compliance with ACHC standards. For Telehealth Certification, ACHC’s educational, collaborative approach is applied to a virtual survey process that helps drive performance improvement, operating efficiencies and risk management strategies. ACHC's cost-effective, customized process is designed to help organizations quickly and easily achieve certification.

Payors are likely to require third-party validation, like certification, to distinguish quality of care and validate service delivery. Our standards were developed with the future in mind, giving telehealth providers a marketing differentiator while keeping them ready to meet possible payor requirements (most majors will).

Attaining the ACHC Distinction in Telehealth gives organizations a reliable way to gain recognition for providing a higher level of care. This certified commitment to excellence can strengthen patient trust and confidence, giving agencies a distinct advantage over their competitors.


For more information on telehealth certification and distinction options from ACHC, visit achc.org/telehealth.

Information regarding telehealth and RPM can be reviewed at telethink.net