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Telemedicine can give the perception that providers are – or should be – on call 24/7. That can quickly lead to burnout. 



There has to be a platform whereby a practice can utilize telemedicine/telehealth without:

  • increasing overhead,
  • adding to daily workflow or,
  • unpredictable reimbursement.

Secondly, we provide board certified "on call" physicians and behavioral therapists 24/7/365 anywhere in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Our providers are also multilingual. 

Lastly, no coding, third party billing or, waiting for reimbursement. You are reimbursed by direct billing patient/member debit or credit card via your processor of choice, monthly.


Services Provided

TELEMEDICINE ON CALL: Five Hundred U.S. Board Certified Primary Care Physicians, with 3,000 Licenses in All Fifty States and Puerto Rico for Call Coverage: Nights, Weekends, Holidays, Vacations, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, CME, Anytime, Anywhere. Multilingual Providers. *Each encounter is recorded and included in an electronic patient file, with notes, for added liability protection. 


BEHAVIORAL THERAPY ON CALL: Licensed Therapists, Anytime/Anywhere, for Mental Health Concerns Such as: Abuse, Addiction, Anger Management, Anxiety, Caregiver Stress, Codependency, Conduct Disorder, Depression, Divorce, Eating Disorder, Grief/Loss, Insomnia, LGBT Issues, Mood Swings, Men's Issues, OCD, Panic Attacks, Parenting, PTSD, Relationships, Sexual Abuse, Sexuality, Social Anxiety, Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Substance Abuse, Trauma, and Women's Issues.


CARE NAVIGATION: Patient Advocacy, Explanation of Benefits, In-Network Providers, Out of Pocket Costs, etc...


MESSAGE A SPECIALIST: Pharmacist, Dentist, Opthalmologist, Psychologist, Pediatrician, Dietitian, Sports Medicine.


RX SERVICES: Cost Transparency, Discount Medications, Medical Supplies, Pet Meds, Free Home Delivery.  Discount Diabetic Supply Program


*We cover the whole household (up to 7 dependents), no out-of-pocket expenses for your patients. 



Monetize Telehealth With Direct Pay  

Business Model: Direct Service Agreement  with Wholesale Pricing for Services and Direct Deposit to Your Practice. We Provide Added Benefits for Your Patients and Make Time for Life for You. Need Security? No Problem: Telethink Cyber Store.

To Schedule a Call or Receive a Free Quote: Please Message Rob Gillespie . Appointments available after hours and weekends.




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